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La Playa Costa Brava

As promised, I went to the beach yesterday. I was trying to take as many pictures as possible from the car, but it was a little difficult. I was once again just in awe of everything: the trucks full of people riding in the back on the way to church with signs in the window that read “Jesus es el señor,” the little stores alongside the road, women walking with baskets of fruit of their heads, little kids juggling balls at stop lights asking for money.

Driving through La Libertad on the way to Costa Brava

The beach was absolutely incredible! We pull up this cobblestone road and into Costa Brava. There is a big open tile patio, salsa music, and el dueño (forget his name) there to greet us with kisses. He is from an area of Spain called Costa Brava, and appropriately bestowed his beautiful spot on the coast of El Salvador with the same name.

Costa Brava

You walk down stairs and on either side are little coves, open rooms, covered with palm tree leaves, furnished with tables and hammocks. A waitress comes by to check on you often. I had two fresh mango juices, ceviche with dorado (fish), calamari and shrimp. I also had an aguacate relleno (a stuffed avocado). The avocado had been scooped out and made into a guacamole with tomatoes and hard-boiled egg.

But before I ate, I went out for a swim. I was in heaven. It was like stepping into a mild bath. The waves were significant and I was told to be careful because the tide can pull you out. I felt safe though because I was with a group of people. At first the water felt salty and stung my eyes, but I soon adjusted…how could I not when the water felt so perfect. Perfect.

I listened on conversations about Spanish politics, Salvadoran gangs and photography. I was quieter than most people know me to be, trying to keep up with the Spanish takes most of my concentration. But I know I am getting better. Irene is very encouraging and tells me so as well.

Our crew at Costa Brava

The end of my lunch...

Because it is in the tropics, almost all restaurants are open-air or outside here. I love it. On the way home we stop at an outdoor restaurant where women are cooking food around fires and over big, flatiron grills. (My battery ran out so I don’t have pictures of this, but don’t worry, I will take lots of pictures of this.) I ate two pupusas revueltas, one made with arroz and one with maíz. To date, the best pupusas I’ve had.

On the ride back into San Salvador it was pouring! It is the rainy season here. It was difficult to see and there were rivers in the streets. I fell asleep last night listening to the rain.