Por ahora…

Today I am going to the beach, where some friends of my housemate Irene own a ranch and restaurant. The beaches here are supposed to be beautiful here so I am really looking forward to it. I will post pictures later.

My first night I went to a birthday party of some of Irene’s friends. Everyone was so welcoming; greeting me with kisses and hugs. I was standing in the middle of the room with a stupid smile on my face, translating things in my head.

The food was delicious of course. We had chorizo de cojute. They are balls of chorizo. There were tongue and chicken mole tacos…mmmmmmm! As the night went on everyone was dancing, taking shots of tequila, there was a joint being passed around. This was a mix of people from their mid-twenties to their sixties. Almost everyone I talked to was a professional: a number of them worked in the government, a few artists, and some chemists! Yet everyone was partying like they hadn’t let loose in a while. However, I get the feeling and people have told me this about Salvadorans, they like to enjoy life. They make sure to enjoy their free time and live it up. There is a bar next to our house and I have heard people belting out songs at the top of their lungs, singing along to a musician or the jukebox.

I met a young woman who surprised by suddenly breaking out of Spanish with perfect English that had a trace of a New Jersey accent. She was born in the U.S., raised in El Salvador and then returned to the U.S. for college in New Jersey. She told me she always knew she wanted to bring all the education she received back to her country, to El Salvador, to help. She says here she feels like she’s somebody, making a difference. She works in the First Lady’s office.

Yesterday was my first trip to the grocery store. I felt bad for Irene. It took us awhile not only because it was crowded, but also because I was like a lost child in Disneyland. Walking in circles, stopping to look at everything. I should have taken pictures. I will take more pictures; I just don’t want to stand out too much! Haha, if that’s possible 😉

Ok so I am also trying to figure out what to do with the big white box on my homepage…I know that’s a bit distracting.

Cuídate mis amigos. Hasta pronto!


About almadeelsalvador

I am a multimedia journalist working in San Salvador, El Salvador.

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